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How can we help with your heating and chilled water systems?

For heating and chilled water systems to operate safely and efficiently, it is essential that water quality and microbiological content are kept carefully controlled.  At WaterWise Hygiene we are specialists in the monitoring and treatment of hot and cold water systems for all types of buildings. Services include:

  • temperature profiling
  • water quality monitoring
  • cleaning
  • disinfection of domestic hot and cold water systems
  • system and tank refurbishments
  • chemical dosing


You can be assured that we comply with all current legislation and Codes of Practice.

Plant such as:-

  •  Cold water storage tanks
  • Cooling towers
  • Evaporative condensers
  • Domestic water tanks/ systems
  • Calorifiers and water heaters
  • Pipework
  • Water outlets

 are all monitored and looked after by our teams of expert engineers as part of our water hygiene programmes.

To find out how we can help look after your hot and cold water systems, please call us on 01959 562262.



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