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WaterWise Hygiene Products

WaterWise provide a full range of products to suit all our customers’ needs. Our products are tailored to the requirements of our customer and WaterRight will advise you on the best product or test equipment for your site staff or engineers use. WaterRight supply’s test kits of water testing solutions that include instruments, comparators, drop test reagents, test strips and many other solutions for the onsite analysis of water.

In every product we supply to our customers our aim is to simplify the science behind the tests and allow operators and engineers, to test water quality and obtain results. We specialise in assembling professional test kits to our customers specification and offer an own labelling service to further enhance your on site works.




Listed Below is a range of product we supply:-

Test Kits Test Instruments Test Strips + Reagents
Potable Drinking Water PH Meters Conductivity Solutions
Cooling Water Systems TDS Meters PH Solutions
Closed Water Systems Conductivity Meters TDS Solutions
Biocide TestKits Redox Meters Drop Test Solutions
Boiler Water Test Kits Refractometer Tablet Reagents
Chlorination Test Kits Test Blocks Test Strips
Drop Test Kits Dip Slide Incubators Redox (OPR) Solutions


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