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Effective cooling tower water treatment helps to prolong plant life, save money and meet statutory obligattions.  Here’s how and why it is essential for cooling tower owners to have a water treatment programme in place.


Without effective water treatment, your cooling water system for refrigeration plants and/or air conditioning systems, can suffer from:

  • Corrosion – ferrous and non-ferrous decomposition
  • Scale formulation – deposition of calcium and magnesium salts
  • Fouling – deposition of particular matter
  • Microbiological activity – protozoa, pseudomona’s, biofilms, legionella, etc.

These four factors reduce efficiency, put your cooling process at risk, shorten plant life, and waste energy, chemicals and water charges. It’s a well-known fact that poor control of your cooling system can not only put your cooling process at risk, but can also squander £1,000s in wasted energy, chemicals and water charges.

At WaterWise Hygiene we have been taking care of cooling towers nationwide for many years.  The combined experience of the team exceeds half a century.  We’ll certainly be happy to discuss your likely needs and give you advice.  Why not put us to the test?


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