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WaterWise Chemicals

WaterWise Hygiene provides a full range of water treatment and water hygiene chemicals either as part of an integrated maintenance programmes, or supplied direct to the customer.

Scale and corrosion inhibitors play a vital role in prolonging system life and protecting metal surfaces. Biocides help to control legionella and general bacteriological fouling within water systems.

Chemicals are also an essential element in water hygiene and water treatment maintenance programmes.

We provide the following Chemical Products.

  •  Closed Water Systems: – Corrosion Inhibitors and Biocides
  • Cooling Water Systems: –  Corrosion, Scale Inhibitors and Biocides
  • Cooling Towers: – Corrosion, Scale Inhibitors and Biocides
  • Steam Boilers: – A Range of Various Chemical Treatments
  • Chlorination & Disinfection: – A Range of Various Chemical Treatments
  • Potable Water: – A Range of Various Chemical Treatments
  • Descaling & Chemical Clean: – A Range of Various Chemical Treatments
  • Granular and Tablet Salt: – Water Softeners


Our chemicals are supplied to our customers in 10 or 25 litre containers. All chemical drums have a Health & Safety and Product data sheets supplied with them. We operate a policy of re-cycling chemical drums wherever possible.

To ensure that our customers get the best service we have a chemical consultant and chemist on hand. These specialists also provide a range of support and services to our customers, to select and maintain an appropriate programme and provide technically sound information and a cost effective solution.



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