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L8 Compliance for Building Managers
With Effective Water Management Regimes
Legionnaires Disease is a scary prospect for anyone with
responsibility for buildings. The only way to comply with
legislation and to avoid personal responsibility for that
deadly disease is to implement a water hygiene
programme that is fully compliant with L8.
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Water Sampling & Temperature Monitoring
for hot and cold water systems
Cooling Towers & Tank Works
Maintenance, refurbishments & replacements
From supply of chemicals, automatic dosing equipment and routine
monitoring, through to complete tank & tower refurbishments.
Tank and tower works are an essential part of water
treatment programmes for many buildings.
Waterwise Hygiene are tank and tower specialists.
Contact us for Risk Assessments and and all your tank and tower works.

The Wise Solution to Your Water Hygiene Needs

Your number one provider for Risk Assessments, Bacteriological Control and Legionella Awareness Training

Risk Assessments

Almost all Commercial & Public Buildings and residential facilities are required by law to have a written legiionella risk assessment. Have you got yours? If not we can help.
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Bacteriological Control

TVCs, pseudomonas and other unpleasant microbes will build up in untreated water systems, causing plant damage and threats to human health. Prevent that happening to you.
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Legionella Awareness

Understand your legal duties and responsibilities and educate all your team members with responsibilities under L8, with our comprehensive Legionella Awareness Training.
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Cooling Towers

An effective water treatment programme will prolong plant life, save money and help you to meet your statutory obligations. With over 20 years experience, we can advise and assist.
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Welcome to WaterWise Hygiene

WaterWise Hygiene, provide water hygiene and water treatment services and tailored packages to suit the requirements of anyone with repsonsibility for building management, health and safety and public protection. Our services range from consultancy, servicing, supply of chemicals and test equipment, water sampling analysis and water hygiene risk assessments.

Our website is designed to inform you about WaterWise Hygiene as a company, the range of services and products we provide.  It also serves as a guide for Building owners, directors, employers and managers, of your duties under the general health & safety law and the requirements for the control and management of Legionnaires Disease within water systems.


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Legionnaires disease is a global problem.  Last year saw outbreaks from a hot tub in Illinois, a Queensland...

Service Information

    • Monthly Monitoring
    • Quarterly Service Visits
    • Annual Inspections
    • Water Sampling
    • Temperature Checks
    • Chemical Suppllies
    • Dosing Controls
    • Bacteriological Control
    • Chlorinations
    • Flushing works
  • Addition of chemicals to closed water systems is the best way of keeping microbial activity under control. We use top quality chemicals from the most reliable supplier. With our years of experience and an expert chemist on hand we will keep your water systems in tip top condition.
  • Our engineers are backed up by a management and office support team based at our office, close to the M25, in Kent. Enquries are dealt with quickly and efficiently by one of our management team, ensuring you always get the best advice and the best service support.
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